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Monthly Jam Session

21 Jul 2024

Come join the CBC and play some tunes at our monthly Jam Session

Come join us at our Canterbury Blues Club Jam Session!

Our Jam Nights are your opportunity to take the stage and bring forth your favorite Blues songs and arrangements, no matter your skill or experience level. We just want to hear that sweet, sweet Blues music.

Our version of an Open Mic Night, at our Jam Nights you can combine rehearsed pieces with true Blues jamming. Our Jam Nights are typically structured where by your rehearsed pieces (Maximum of 3) are performed first, followed by a full Jam session where any and all are welcome on stage. With that being said, we believe in going with the flow and sometimes we just go wild and Jams can happen at any given moment, even within your 3 piece slots. Don't be afraid to call out for guitarists, drummers, bassists, singers... you name it and we'll help make it happen!

Simply bring along your instrument. A full back line is supplied including drums, amps, mic's and stands.

6pm-9.00pm with club house band to kick things off at 6pm for 30mins, then Blues Club Jams begin..

Koha Entry

A Rolling Stone

579 Colombo St

City Central

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